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The triangle Tailor's Chalk is a solid block of chalk. The shape assists with holding and creating different thicknesses of lines while marking. Always test the chalk on a piece of fabric before marking on fabric as pressing too hard can make marks difficult to remove.

Clover Triangle Tailor's chalk is the absolute most basic fabric marking tool and everyone loves them. It’s triangular in shape and has thin edges so it’s easy to handle and leaves precise lines. It allows fast, accurate and temporary chalk marking on virtually any type of fabric. Easy to use and practical to have on hand!

When the marks are no longer needed they can be easily brushed or washed away. These ultra handy little chalk triangles are fast, easy to use and leave no residue on your fabric. As with all chalk marking materials, dry cleaning or ironing can make them more difficult to remove.

Test the chalk on a piece of fabric before marking on fabric


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clover triangle tailors chalk white

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