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Premium quality art pencils for your drawing journey! Lead and graphite pencils. charcoal pencils and pencil sets from renowned brands. Artist oil pencils, colour pencils, woodless graphite pencils and more to choose from.
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Art pencils are essential tools for artists, offering precision, control, and versatility in drawing, sketching, shading, and illustrating. Here are some common types of art pencils:

Graphite Pencils:

Graphite pencils are the most basic type of art pencil and are available in a range of hardness grades, from 9H (hardest) to 9B (softest). Harder pencils (e.g., 9H to H) produce lighter, finer lines, while softer pencils (e.g., B to 9B) create darker, thicker lines. Artists often use a variety of graphite pencils to achieve different effects in their drawings.

Charcoal Pencils:

Charcoal pencils contain compressed charcoal and offer richer, deeper blacks than graphite pencils. They come in various hardness grades, with soft charcoal pencils (e.g., soft, medium, hard) allowing artists to control the intensity of their marks. Charcoal pencils are prized for their ability to create bold, expressive lines and dramatic shading.

Coloured Pencils:

Coloured pencils feature a wax or oil-based pigment core encased in a wooden barrel. They come in a wide range of colours and are popular for colouring, blending, and layering in illustrations and detailed drawings. Coloured pencils offer control and precision, allowing artists to create intricate designs and vibrant artworks.

Watercolour Pencils:

Watercolour pencils have a water-soluble pigment core that can be activated with water to create watercolor effects. Artists can use them dry for traditional pencil techniques or wet them with a brush to blend colors and create fluid, painterly effects. Watercolor pencils are versatile tools suitable for both drawing and painting.

Pastel Pencils:

Pastel pencils contain powdered pigment held together with a binder, similar to soft pastels but in pencil form. They offer the precision of a pencil with the rich, velvety texture of pastels, making them ideal for detailed drawings and sketches. Pastel pencils are often used for portrait work, landscapes, and still lifes.

Mechanical Pencils:

Mechanical pencils feature a thin lead that extends from a refillable barrel, eliminating the need for sharpening. They come in various lead sizes and are favored by artists for technical drawing, drafting, and fine detail work. Mechanical pencils offer consistent line width and are particularly useful for precise, controlled drawing.

Graphite Sticks:

Graphite sticks are solid blocks of graphite without a wooden casing, allowing artists to use them on their sides for broad strokes or sharpen them to a fine point for detail work. They offer a wide range of tonal values and are often used for large-scale drawings, expressive mark-making, and shading.

Sanguine and Sepia Pencils:

Sanguine and sepia pencils contain colored pigment (usually red or brown) and are traditionally used for life drawing, figure studies, and portraiture. They offer warm, earthy tones and are valued for their ability to create soft, subtle lines and tones.

Each type of art pencil offers unique characteristics and benefits, allowing artists to explore different techniques, styles, and effects in their artwork.