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Australian Made Chalk Furniture Paint by Made by Paint is premium quality, easy to use chalk paint for creative furniture makeovers. Add some texture to your projects with bright and colourful chalk paints. Water based and VOC free.
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Chalk paint is one of the most popular type of paint used for furniture that offers a matte, chalky finish. It's known for its ease of use, ability to adhere to various surfaces without extensive prep work, and the distressed or vintage look it can create. Let's learn a bit more about Chalk Paint for furniture.

  1. Finish: Chalk paint provides a soft, velvety finish that can give furniture an aged or distressed appearance, often sought after for shabby chic or vintage styles.
  2. Adhesion: It adheres well to most surfaces, including wood, metal, plastic, and more, without requiring extensive sanding or priming. However, it's essential to clean surfaces thoroughly before painting.
  3. No Primer: Chalk paint typically doesn't need a primer, saving time on prep work. However, some challenging surfaces might benefit from a primer for better adhesion.
  4. Colours and Customization: Chalk paint comes in a variety of colours, and you can mix different shades to create custom colours or dilute the paint for a washed-out effect.
  5. Distressing Techniques: Chalk paint is popular for distressing techniques. After painting, you can sand specific areas to reveal the underlying surface, creating a weathered appearance.
  6. Sealing: While chalk paint dries quickly, it's advisable to seal the painted surface with a wax or polyurethane sealant to protect the finish and increase durability.
  7. Application: It's easy to apply chalk paint with a brush or roller, and its thick consistency often requires fewer coats than traditional paint.
  8. Environmentally Friendly: Some chalk paint brands are water-based, low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and more environmentally friendly than other types of paint.

When using chalk paint for furniture, consider experimenting on a small, inconspicuous area or a scrap piece to familiarise yourself with the paint's behaviour and the desired finish. Additionally, follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results.

Made By Paint Chalk and Mineral Paint is one of the leading brand in furniture paints. It is available in a variety of colours and is VOC free with perfect chalk finish.

For added professional touch check out the paint finish, wax and glaze.