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Explore our curated collection of art materials. From vibrant acrylic paints and inks that burst with life to the delicate strokes of drawing supplies. Dive into our diverse selection of canvases, sketchbooks, and specialty papers that provide the perfect foundation for your creative visions.

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  • WooduBend Mouldings

    WoodUBend Mouldings

    WoodUbend mouldings are made of wood pulp, and are totally eco-friendly. Mouldings can be added to furniture to create detail piece.

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  • Thread & Floss For Sewing & Embroidery

    Embroidery Thread & Floss

    Quality Sewing & Embroidery thread and floss. Browse our collection of threads for your embroidery & quilting projects.

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  • Artist Colour Pencils

    Art Pencils

    Shop our wide range of art pencils for sketching and drawing. From artist oil pencils, woodless graphite pencils to watercolour and charcoal pencils.

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