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 Fluids Alcohol Inks are dye based, highly pigmented, transparent and fast-drying inks with an alcohol base developed especially for fluid painting techniques.  Alcohol Inks can be used on almost all smooth, non-porous materials. It is best suited to specially coated papers, glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain, and stone.
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Alcohol Ink Painting

Alcohol ink painting is a captivating and vibrant art form of  harmonious relation with brilliant hues. This
dynamic medium involves using alcohol-based inks on non-porous surfaces, such as Yupo paper or ceramic tiles, to create mesmerizing, free-flowing designs. As the inks intermingle and react, they produce stunning, organic patterns that seem to dance and merge on the canvas.

Alcohol Ink Painting Techniques

The beauty of alcohol ink lies in its unpredictable nature, allowing for a unique and expressive journey with each creation. Artists often employ various techniques, such as blowing, tilting, or dripping, to guide the inks across the surface, fostering a sense of fluidity and movement in the final piece.

Translucent Alcohol Inks

The translucency of alcohol inks adds depth to the artwork, as layers can be built up to create intricate details and captivating colour combinations. The
versatility of this medium extends to its application on different surfaces, enabling artists to experiment with various textures and finishes. Alcohol Inks
are also available in pastel shades, check out here.

Whether creating vibrant abstract pieces or
delicate landscapes, alcohol ink painting invites artists to explore their creativity in a dynamic and visually arresting manner. With its vivid pigments
and limitless possibilities, alcohol ink painting continues to enchant both seasoned artists and newcomers alike, making it a truly exhilarating and
rewarding artistic pursuit.