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Fluids Fountain pen inks are every writers dream with smooth flowing, fade resistant, colour rich inks. Embrace the beauty and versatility of fountain pen inks and elevate your writing experience to new heights. With a wide range of colours, effects, and properties to choose from, fountain pen inks allow you to personalise your writing and make a lasting impression.  Available in 28 colours and 6 special pastel shades.
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Explore the world of fountain pen inks and discover the vibrant hues, luxurious textures, and unparalleled writing experiences they offer. From classic blues to shimmering golds, fountain pen inks are a versatile and expressive medium cherished by enthusiasts and professionals alike.

What Are Fountain Pen Inks?

Fountain pen inks are specially formulated liquids designed for use in fountain pens. Unlike ballpoint or rollerball pens, fountain pens rely on the capillary action of ink flowing through a nib to produce writing. This unique mechanism allows for smoother, more consistent lines and a more enjoyable writing experience.

Types of Fountain Pen Inks:

1. Traditional Inks:

These inks come in a wide range of colors, including classics like black, blue, and green, as well as vibrant shades like red and purple.

2. Specialty Inks:

Specialty inks include shimmering, sheening, and shading inks, which create stunning visual effects on paper. Shimmering inks contain fine particles that add sparkle to your writing, while sheening inks produce a glossy, reflective finish. Shading inks create depth and dimension as the ink dries, resulting in subtle variations in colour intensity.

3. Waterproof and Document Inks:

Ideal for archival purposes or documents that require water resistance, waterproof and document inks are formulated to withstand moisture and fading over time.

Choosing the Right Fountain Pen Ink:

Consider the following factors when selecting fountain pen inks:
- Color:

Choose a colour that suits your personal style and the intended use of your writing.
- Properties:

Consider factors such as drying time, flow, and saturation to ensure the ink performs optimally with your fountain pen.

- Paper Compatibility:

Some inks may perform differently on different types of paper, so test compatibility before committing to a particular ink.

Tips for Using Fountain Pen Inks:

1. Maintain Your Fountain Pen:

Clean your pen regularly to prevent clogs and ensure smooth ink flow.

2. Experiment with Different Inks:

Explore the vast array of fountain pen inks available to find your favorites and discover new favorites.

3. Practice Proper Ink Handling:

Store ink bottles upright and away from direct sunlight to preserve their quality and prevent spills.

Unlock Your Creativity with Fountain Pen Inks:

Whether you're a seasoned fountain pen enthusiast or new to the world of fountain pens, exploring different inks is a rewarding journey. From writing letters and journaling to sketching and calligraphy, fountain pen inks offer endless possibilities for creative expression.