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Octopus Fluids Fountain Pen Ink is crafted with utmost mastery and finesse to provide a luxurious writing experience. The finest writing ink, non-drying formula creates graceful strokes that are both visually captivating and incredibly precise


• In 30ml ink glass or in the practical 250ml refill bottle
• For piston fountain pens, fountain pens with converters and nibs
• Made in Germann by the Dresden-based ink manufacturer
• High colour brilliance, sharp typeface, good flow properties

Our demands on our inks are high: pleasant shading, low feathering and optimum drying time enable fast writing and a soft, supple nib.
Inks are available in the well-known royal blue or black, but also in many different colour shades.

You're an enthusiasts, focused, individual, your words have weight and can also see that in your writings.

• The important business signature.
• A classic love letter
• The wedding invitation
• A poem

There are so many things worth writing with love and care.

Once you enjoy writing with a fountain pen and writing ink, you will soon want to write all your correspondence in ink.

These inks are also suitable for calligraphy and drawings. Especially here, you will truly benefit from the extensive colour spectrum of OCTOPUS FLUIDS inks.


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