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Alcohol Inks are dye based paints used to create free flowing textures and realistic abstract art. This bold and versatile art of alcohol ink painting is not limited by any one surface but a wide range of applications are possible, though it works best on non porous surfaces. It can be used on glass, yupo paper, alcohol ink paper, acetate paper, vellum paper, varnished wood, metal, plastic ceramic and more. They can be used in mixed media projects like printing and stamping, jewelery making, fabric dying, moasaic, rock painting, and household projects. 



The relationship between Alcohol Ink & Resin can be described as love at first sight. Amazing effects can be created by simply dropping alcohol ink in resin. This resin art has bloomed in the recent years with artists creating coasters, pendants, buttons, paperweights and larger art pieces with these techniques. 

Talking about Alcohol Ink Art Techniques we should mention here the Petri Dish Art which is the creation of spectacular splash effect by using the alcohol inks with either Resin Ink or White Alcohol Ink.It is important to note here that the heaviness of the white resin ink helps in creating the petri dish effect. Since there are different types of resin available (high viscocity & low viscocity) the alcohol ink whites are also available in heavy and light viscocity.