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Plaid Mod Podge is an ideal choice for decoupage and everyday crafts. Mod Podge is available in matte and gloss finish with some speciality finishes too. Mod Podge is used as. photo transfer medium, dishwasher safe sealer, mod podge for fabric crafts, and many more. Shop our large selection of  Mod Podge for that perfect finish for your projects. 
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Mod Podge is a popular multipurpose, water-based sealer, glue, and finish used in various crafts and
DIY projects. Its versatility makes it a go-to choice for many crafters due to its ability to adhere, seal, and finish a wide range of materials.

Some of the uses of mod podge are,


Mod Podge is extensively used in decoupage, the art of decorating surfaces by adhering paper cutouts, fabric, or other materials to create a collage effect. It acts as both an adhesive and a sealer for these materials.


It's used to seal and protect finished surfaces, providing a durable protective coat against moisture, dust, and other environmental elements.


As a glue, it effectively adheres paper, fabric, and other porous materials to various surfaces like wood, glass, plastic, and more.


Mod Podge comes in various finishes like matte, glossy, satin, outdoor, dishwasher-safe, and more, allowing crafters to achieve different effects depending on the desired look of the project.

Matte Mod Podge:

This finish dries with a flat, non-shiny appearance, giving a more subdued look to your project.

Glossy Mod Podge:

Provides a shiny, reflective finish, enhancing colors and giving a vibrant look to the project.

Satin Mod Podge:

Offers a subtle sheen between matte and glossy, providing a soft, smooth finish.

Outdoor Mod Podge:

Specifically formulated to protect projects exposed to the elements. It's water-resistant and provides UV protection.

Dishwasher-Safe Mod Podge:

Designed to withstand washing without losing
its adhesive and sealing properties. Ideal for items like mugs, plates, and glasses.

Hard Coat Mod Podge:

A durable finish ideal for furniture, tabletops, and other projects that require a more robust protective layer.

Sparkle Mod Podge:

Contains fine glitter particles, adding a sparkling effect to your projects.