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Allendale Laundry Starch Powder gives a luxurious finish to your fabrics. This premium powder will crisp up your clothing and quilts for a polished, high-end look. Its superior formula will make sure your fabrics maintain a luxurious feel with a crisp look.


Fabric starch and an iron will help you achieve a crisp hand feel on clothing and quilts. Starch works best on 100% cotton, cotton blends or linen fabrics.

Use Instructions:
- Simply mix 3 scoops of Fabric Starch into 5 cups of water and dip or spray the fabric in that you'd like to starch.
- Spin and dry as usual. Iron when slightly damp to produce a flat starched finish.
- For quick crispness to shirts, simply spray just before ironing. If the fabric is slightly damp from the spray, you'll get the best results.


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allendale laundry fabric starch powder

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Allendale fabric starch powder is used in laundry and fabric care to stiffen fabrics, making them easier to iron and giving them a crisp, polished appearance. Fabric starches like are typically made from natural or synthetic ingredients that, when mixed with water and applied to fabric, create a stiffening effect. This can help fabrics hold their shape better during sewing or garment construction, and it makes ironing smoother by reducing wrinkles and creases. Starching fabric can also provide a temporary barrier against stains and soil.

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