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Clover Needlecraft

Clover Needlecraft is a well-known manufacturer of sewing, quilting, knitting, and crafting supplies. Founded in 1925 in Osaka, Japan, Clover has become a trusted brand among hobbyists and professionals alike for its high-quality products and innovative designs.

The company produces a wide range of tools and accessories, including needles, pins, threaders, thimbles, scissors, marking tools, knitting and crochet supplies, and more. Clover is particularly renowned for its ergonomic designs and user-friendly products, aiming to enhance the crafting experience for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Their products are often recognized for their durability, precision, and ease of use, making them popular choices in the crafting community worldwide. Whether you're a seasoned seamstress, a dedicated quilter, or a knitting enthusiast, Clover Needlecraft offers a diverse selection of tools and accessories to meet your crafting needs.