Wheat And Sandalwood Check Mate Heat Pack


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A wheat and rich sandalwood heat pack with a very practical, sewn in removable warm and snuggly flannelette check cover. Wheat bags make excellent heat packs, as they easily mould to the contours of the area being treated, making them perfect for soothing general aches and pains, warming the bed or keeping feet warm in winter! The gentle aroma, therapeutically helps to relieve aches and pains. packaged in our warm and snuggly flannelette check!


A herbal heat pack with removable cover filled with wheat and Australian native plant materials. The heat pack can be heated or cooled then used to sooth tired muscles. Packaged in warm and snuggly flannelette check.

Warm your heat pack in the microwave for a 1 or 2 minutes, and then place against your aching joints to relieve pain.

Removable Cover.

A natural way to relieve back pain.

Dimensions: 37cm x 11cm.


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Wheat And Sandalwood Check Mate Heat Pack

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