Rice Paper Pad For Sketching Sumi, A4

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This A4 rice paper pad is perfect for sketching and drawing with sumi. It includes 48 sheets of smooth, natural rice paper that's ideal for fine detailing and light washes. Suitable for a variety of art projects and crafts, it's an essential for any artist's drawing supplies.


This rice paper pad contains 48 thin, smooth and delicate rice paper sheets that are perfect for use with either watercolours or other dry media.

Suitable for sketching, watercolour, calligraphy and sumi applications.


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Rice Paper Pad For Sketching Sumi, A4

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What is Rice Paper?

Rice paper, despite its name, is not typically made from rice. Instead, it's crafted from the fibers of plants like mulberry, hemp, or bamboo. This traditional paper has been used for centuries in East Asian cultures for calligraphy, painting, and various crafts. Its distinctive qualities—lightweight, semi-transparency, and a smooth yet absorbent surface—make it an exceptional medium for a range of artistic endeavours.

Key Features of a Quality Rice Paper Pad

Lightweight and Translucent: Rice paper is known for its delicate, airy feel. Its translucency adds an ethereal quality to your artwork, allowing for unique layering effects and light diffusion.

Smooth Texture: The smooth surface of rice paper is perfect for detailed brushwork, enabling precise control over ink flow and brush strokes. This is especially beneficial for calligraphy and sumi-e, where the fluidity and elegance of lines are paramount.

Absorbent Surface: Rice paper's absorbent nature allows it to handle ink and watercolor beautifully, resulting in vibrant, rich colors and crisp lines. However, it requires a gentle touch, as too much moisture can cause it to warp or tear.

Versatility: While traditionally used for sumi-e and calligraphy, rice paper is also excellent for watercolor painting, printmaking, and mixed media projects. Its adaptability makes it a favourite among artists who like to experiment with different techniques.

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Teresa McLachlan
Rice paper pads

Good convenience of a pad ... not loose sheets