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Explore your creativity with our premium rice paper pad, perfect for sumi, calligraphy, and watercolour. Featuring lightweight, acid-free sheets with a smooth texture, it’s ideal for detailed brushwork and ink. Available in various sizes for versatile artistic projects.


These rice paper pad are smooth and delicate rice paper sheets that are perfect for use with either watercolours or other dry media.

Suitable for sketching, watercolour, calligraphy and sumi applications.

Art Pad measures 29.7cm x 42cm (12x18")
This rice paper pad contains 48 thin A3 sheets.


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rice paper-pad A3

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A rice paper pad is more than just a surface to work on; it's a gateway to exploring traditional and contemporary art forms with a medium that offers elegance and versatility. Whether you're perfecting your calligraphy, delving into the art of sumi, or experimenting with watercolours, a high-quality rice paper pad can elevate your creative projects. Embrace the delicate beauty and unique challenges of rice paper, and watch your artistic expression flourish.

Why Choose a Rice Paper Pad?

A rice paper pad offers convenience and protection for your delicate sheets. Here are some reasons why investing in a rice paper pad is a great idea:

Portability: A pad keeps your rice paper organized and easy to transport, making it ideal for artists on the go. Whether you're traveling to a workshop, painting outdoors, or simply moving between your studio and home, a rice paper pad ensures your sheets remain in pristine condition.

Protection: The pad format protects individual sheets from damage, such as creasing or tearing. It also helps prevent exposure to dust and light, which can affect the quality of the paper over time.

Ease of Use: With a pad, you can easily tear out sheets as needed. This is particularly useful for artists who prefer to work on single sheets without the hassle of handling loose paper.

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