Large Silicone Split Pour Cup For Resin Pouring

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Large Silicone Split Pour Cup For Resin Pouring


Silicone split pour cup for resin and acrylic pouring. This reusable pouring cup is a must have for resin artists. Cup can be cleaned of any resin or paint remains by peeling it off. It has 4 portions for different colours.

Each split cup is divided into equally sized chambers. This means that each chamber holds the same content.

This split pour cup is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. You fill each of the chambers with a color of your choice and then pour out the cup onto the canvas. With this you can move the cup in circles or other shapes. This will create different patterns.

Size: 13 x 9 x 4cm


Rinse with lukewarm water immediately after use or cover completely with water (place in bucket of water) and clean later to minimize paint drying time, thereby reducing discoloration and paint sticking


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silicone split pour cup
silicone split pour cup

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