Pebeo Colour Resin 150ml Lapis Includes Wooden Mixer


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Pebeo Colour Resin is perfect for mixed media applications. 


The 2-part system is available in different colours which give a transparent and high gloss colour imitating stained glass but with the strength of synthetic resin. The resin does not shrink after drying.

Pebeo Gedeo Colour Resin can be combined with other resins in the Pebeo Gedeo range to give a vast array of shades and effects, and is perfect for mixed media applications. This Pebeo Gedeo Colour Resin can be used directly on most supports such as wood, glass, fabric, metal, mirrors, Plexiglas, plastic, ceramics, jewellery etc.

The Pebeo Gedeo Colour Resin Set contains: 1 crystal resin, 1 crystal hardener, 1 pair of gloves, 2 pipettes, 2 mixing sticks and one instruction leaflet.


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Pebeo Colour Resin 150ml Lapis Includes Wooden Mixer

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