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Artist Acrylic Liquid is a very fluid acrylic ink which is used pure or diluted with water depending on the desired intensity. It is possible to achieve interesting effects by superimposing colours. 


It is ideal for airbrushing and ensures a projection of fine particles of regular and uniform ink.

The selected acrylic resin facilitates adhesion to many surfaces: paper, canvas, photographic prints, polyester films (tracing paper). Its fluidity, fine grain and pigment dispersal make it comfortable to use with any tool. For masking work, use Pebeo Drawing Gum, which is removed by peeling.

Colours: Intense, translucent or opaque with a satin finish. They can be mixed together. Good lightfastness. Indelible once dry.

Dilution: Water, according to the desired intensity
Drying: A few dozen minutes depending on the dilution and surface used

Cleaning the tools: With soapy water before drying.

Comes in convenient 45 ml dropper bottles.


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Pebeo Artist Acrylic Ink - Paynes Grey

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