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Rendura is the new textured medium to help you create the finishes we all know and love! just one product to create the look of Natural Stone, Modern Concrete, Sand-Swept or just fabulous all round weathered texture is right here! It’s premixed and ready to go so here’s a run down of how to achieve the finish you want.


Rendura is a course textured medium that can be applied to most surfaces to achieve a variety of creative finishes. It's versatility allows you to create the aged look of rustic stone, the modern look of concrete or even a soft natural sand-swept look.

Prepare surfaces ensuring they are free from dirt, grease and peeling paint/varnish. Apply Rendura with a brush / trowel / scraper over the prepared surface. Touch dry in 30 mins. Recoat after 2 hours if applicable. To achieve a variety of finishes, different applications can be carried out.Before the Rendura is dry

NATURAL STONE LOOK: use a damp sponge in a circular motion to create layered depths of pitting.

CONCRETE LOOK: use a clean trowel to glide over the surface, followed by a damp sponge to smooth out.

SAND-SWEPT LOOK: use a wet brush over the surface in a random fashion to create smooth layers of texture.After the Rendura is dryUse 120 grit sandpaper to smooth and 180 grit sandpaper to polish. Paint can be applied to produce distinctive effects. Use a topcoat from our Finishes range to seal the Rendura.

STIPPLED LOOK: Apply Rendura with a brush or sponge directly onto the surface. If you need to dilute the Rendura with a small amount of water to make application easier then do so, but remember it will take a little longer to dry. Here we want to create a stippling effect so apply the Rendura in a dabbing motion all over the surface. When this coat is totally dry get some more Rendura and mix it with your chosen paint colour (here Black Ash was used). Apply in the same way but remember to leave certain areas of the grey Rendura exposed. The final colour Green Tea has no Rendura added, and has been dabbed on in specific areas using a small brush. This technique is great for creating fantastic layering effects. Finish with a topcoat sealant of your choice.

SEA-SWEPT LOOK: Apply a coat of paint to your surface (Black Ash was used) and leave to fully dry. Dilute a very small amount of Rendura to use as a wash and brush over the Black Ash in a random fashion. Remember to keep some of the Black Ash exposed. When dry, dilute your final paint colour with water (Jaded was used) and brush over the surface in a sweeping fashion. Remember to keep some of the previous layers exposed. After the surface is fully dry take a damp cloth to blend and merge the layers. You can keep repeating this process by adding more paint or more Rendura until you are happy with all the blended layers. Use 240 grit sandpaper to gently smooth and polish the surface. Apply clear wax and buff to the required sheen level.

CLEAN UP: Remove any excess Rendura from all tools and wash immediately in water. Do not pour any unused Rendura or washings down the drain.

DISPOSAL: Refer to your State or Territory Land Waste Management Authority. Most Authorities permit disposal at approved land waste sites.

SAFETY: Keep out of reach of children. Provide adequate ventilation. Wear suitable safety glasses and an appropriate protective mask when sanding.FIRST AIDIf swallowed, do not induce vomiting. If eyes or skin become irritated wash with water. In both cases seek medical advice.


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