Crackle - Creative Finish Glaze 500ml

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Crackle - Creative Finish Glaze 500ml


Crackle is a clear liquid medium designed to be applied between two layers of paint, and reproduces the authentic appearance of old cracked paint or varnish.APPLICATIONBASE PAINT COLOUREnsure surfaces are free from dirt, grease and peeling paint/varnish. Paint your piece in your first choice of paint colour (this will be the colour of the cracks). Allow the paint to fully dry before proceeding.CRACKLE COAT APPLICATIONStir Crackle thoroughly prior to use. Apply with a brush or roller, ensuring surface is evenly coated. Brush in one direction for linear cracks. Brush in a random fashion to create multi-directional cracks. Do not overwork. Applying a thick coat of Crackle will produce large, deep cracks, whilst a thinner coat will create finer cracks. Allow the Crackle coat to fully dry before applying the final paint colour. Drying time 1-2 hours.FINAL PAINT COLOURApply your final paint colour in even, consistent strokes. Do not rework or touch up the paint, as this can disturb the layer of Crackle beneath. The cracks will start to show immediately. Allow to fully dry before sealing with a topcoat from our Finishes range.CLEAN UPClean all tools in water.DISPOSALRefer to your State or Territory Land Waste Management Authority. Most Authorities permit disposal at approved land waste sites.SAFETYKeep out of reach of children. Ensure adequate ventilation. Wear suitable safety glasses and rubber gloves to avoid skin and eye contact.FIRST AIDIf swallowed, do not induce vomiting. If eyes or skin become irritated wash with water. In both cases seek medical advice.


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