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Jasart Byron Iridescent Glitter Medium adds an opal pearlescent effect with a touch of sparkle to your artwork. The large glitter particles embrace the light to produce an amazing effect. Can be used on its own over the top of your artwork or to highlight areas where sparkle is required. Mix with transparent acrylic paint to create dramatic pearlescent glitter colours. The result is intensified based on the volume of medium used to the ratio of acrylic paint.


- The effect of this medium is altered based on the background colour.
- Used on a white background the effect is like glitter crystals with pink & purple hues but when used on a black background the colours become iridescent blues and greens.
- Can be applied using a palette knife or paint brush and is suitable for use on canvas, paper and wood surfaces.
- Dry time depends on the volume of medium used.
- Available in 250ml.


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jasart byron iridescent glitter medium
iridescent glitter medium

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