Heat N Bond Heavyweight Non Woven Fusible Adhesive Interfacing


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Heat n Bond Heavy Weight Non-Woven Fusible Interfacing is specifically made for lightweight and delicate material. Reinforce fabrics such as silk, chambray, crepe, calico, challis, and others. This interfacing works well for garments requiring gentle support such as skirts, dresses, and blouses. The lightweight interfacing allows lightweight fabrics to maintain its original float and drape.


Heat n Bond Heavy Weight Non-Woven Fusible Interfacing provides the support needed for heavier fabrics such as denim, corduroy, canvas, and tapestry, to name a few. Brims of hats, home décor, children’s toys and coat shoulders need extra strength and body, which makes the heavy weight of this interfacing ideal for those types of applications. Heat n Bond Heavy Weight Non-Woven Fusible can even be used for waistbands, purses, lapels, cuffs, collars and apparel accessories.

With our HeatnBond Heavy Weight Non-Woven Fusible interfacing you can rest assured there will be minimal shrinkage. Additionally, there is no grain line which means you can cut and apply it in any direction.

Heat n Bond Fusible Interfacing products have an adhesive application on one side which allows you to iron it directly onto the fabric, eliminating the need for basting and pinning. Heat n Bond Fusible Interfacing makes constructing a garment or any other project so much easier because it provides stability and support that will reduce the frustration of shifting materials.
Product Details

- Width: 20 inch
- Construction: Non-Woven
- Content: 100% Polyester
- Type: Fusible
- Color: White
- Laundering: Machine Washable / Dryable


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heat n bond heavy weight iron interfacing

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