Octopus Fluids Alcohol Ink Opaque Set of 12 for Fluid Art Resin & Epoxy


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The Octopus Opaque Fluids Alcohol Inks are fast-drying colour with an alcohol base, beautifully coordinated 12 inks set to top up your colour range.


Alcohol Ink Set 12 x 30 ml opaque colours for fluid painting and for dyeing epoxy resin

Save money with the advantage set and buy all 12 opaque Alcohol Ink colours. With this colour set there are no limits to your creativity.and you save compared to the single purchase of the colours.

The following colours are included:

Vanilla, Eggnog, Cheddar, Cotton Candy, Flamingo, Lavender, Pistachio, Peppermint, Caribic, Arctic, Blue Moon and Cloudy Day.

The Octopus Fluids Alcohol Ink OPAK is an opaque and fast drying alcohol-based paint, which has been specially developed for use on dark surfaces. The opaque Alcohol Ink colours can be mixed with each other and also with the transparent Alcohol Ink colours. The opaque pastel shades are also suitable for realistic painting. In order to ensure an optimal distribution of the colour pigments, the colours must be shaken well before use.

It can be used on almost all smooth, non-porous materials. It is best suited to synthetic papers (e.g. Yupo Paper), glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain, modelling clay and stone ‚Äì the applications of Octopus Fluids Alcohol Inks are almost endless.After drying, the acid-free Alcohol Inks are smudge- and waterproof, but can be re-liquefied or removed at any time using isopropyl alcohol. Even better results can be achieved using our Octopus Fluids Cleaner.


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Octopus Fluids Alcohol Ink Opaque Set of 12

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