Dual Tip Metallic Markers 8 pack - Assorted colours


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With Dual Tip Metallic Markers, you can create exciting line work in electric metallic colours! 


These beautiful dual tip markers have a flexible and soft brush tip allowing you to create rich, fluid lines of varying thicknesses. At the opposite end is a sturdy bullet nib‚ great for controlled strokes and detailed work.

These waterbased, low odour metallic markers produce highly effective results on paper, creating an electric metallic finish. Best of all, colours will pop when used on dark and black paper! These dual tip markers are great for illustration, calligraphy, lettering, cardmaking and handmade paper crafts.

This wallet includes eight colours : Gold, Silver, Metallic Orange, Metallic Pink, Metallic Purple, Metallic Light Blue, Metallic Light Green and Metallic Dark Green. Waterbased Dual tip: Brush Size 2-6mm Bullet Size 1.5mm


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Dual Tip Metallic Markers 8 pack - Assorted colours

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