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Punch needle crafting is a great way to create a stunning look and texture for pieces to decorate the home. The tool is used to push fibres through fabric in order to create a continuous loop stitch, normally yarn or embroidery floss. The DMC thin punch needle tool is easy to learn, fast to execute and has endless creative possibilities.

This new 'thin' punch needle tool set includes: 3 needle heads to use with Pearl Cotton.

Three different needle tips allow you to create multiple different loop heights (as well as flat stitches) which gives lots of different textures within one piece of work. Adjustable to increase or decrease the size of the loops with instructions on the back.

3 sizes: 1.3mm, 1.6mm & 2.2mm
2 Needle Threaders


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DMC thin punch needle tool with 3 needle sizes and needle threader

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