Derwent Academy Professional Tracing Paper Pad A4 90gsm


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Derwent Academy Professional Tracing Paper Pad A4 90gsm is perfect for design work and illustrations. The translucent paper is smooth in texture and allows for easy and precise tracing. Premium quality, acid free tracing paper with excellent ink and pencil adhesion. 


Premium quality, acid free tracing paper with excellent ink and pencil adhesion.

• Excellent ink and pencil adhesion
• Will not discolour, yellow with age or become brittle
• Superior sheet flatness and erasing properties
• For tracing, drafting, overlay work, inkjet printing, offset printing
• 90gsm
• 50 Sheets


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derwent academy tracing paper pad A4

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Derwent Academy Artist tracing paper pads is designed to meet the demands of artists, architects, designers, and hobbyists alike.

Key Features:

Weight and Thickness:

  • 90gsm (Grams per Square Meter): Strikes the ideal balance between durability and translucency, making it robust enough for repeated use while maintaining excellent transparency.

Material Quality:

  • Superior Clarity: Provides clear and precise visibility of underlying images or drawings, ensuring your tracings are accurate and detailed.
  • Smooth Surface: Offers a fine, smooth texture that is gentle on pencils, pens, and markers, reducing wear and tear on your tools.


  • Multi-Purpose Use: Perfect for a variety of applications including technical drawing, architectural plans, art projects, and craft designs.
  • Compatible with Various Mediums: Works seamlessly with graphite, ink, and colored pencils without smudging or bleeding.


  • Acid-Free: Ensures longevity of your work, preventing yellowing or degradation over time.
  • Easy Tear-Off Sheets: If purchased in pad form, sheets are perforated for clean and easy removal.


  • Art and Illustration: Perfect for creating overlays, refining sketches, or working on detailed illustrations.
  • Architectural and Engineering Plans: Ideal for drafting precise and clear plans that require accuracy and fine detail.
  • Crafts and DIY Projects: Suitable for stenciling, pattern making, and other creative endeavors.
  • Educational Use: A valuable tool for students and teachers in technical drawing and design courses.
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