Cretacolor Aquarelle Monolith Woodless Graphite Pencil 4B


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Austrian pencil manufacturer Cretacolor is known for Monolith, its woodless graphite pencils, which are favorites for drawing and sketching around the world. Aqua Monolith uses the same form—a woodless pencil with nothing but graphite core, dipped in a coat of finish that keeps your hands clean.

Aqua Monolith Graphite Pencil is water-soluble. Apply dry, then blend with a wet brush. Draw on wet paper for blurry lines. Or use Aqua Monolith to directly load a brush with shiny grey graphite pigment. It's fully mixable with watercolors and inks, so you can add some graphite magic to any water-based medium you're already using.

4B hardness. Made in Austria.


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cretacolor aquarelle monolith graphite pencil
woodless watercolour graphite pencil for sketching drawing

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