Creative Finish Glaze Dark 500ml

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Creative Finish Glaze Dark 500ml


Glaze is a water-based, liquid medium designed to create a translucent coating over a painted surface. As a paint extender, it prolongs the drying time of paint, giving you more time to create unique effects, such as sponging, marbling and textured finishes.Dark Glaze is a rich, deep brown semi-transparent glaze, perfect for antiquing paint work.APPLICATIONGlaze can be applied to both sealed and unsealed painted surfaces. Over porous paints, the Glaze will be quickly absorbed and lessen the workability. On sealed painted surfaces, the Glaze will have a longer open time, increasing the ability to work approximately 15 minutes in optimum conditions. Apply sparingly using a brush or lint free cloth, and work into all surface areas. Remove the Glaze with varying pressure by wiping over with a dry or damp cloth until you achieve your desired finish. Touch dry in 2 hours, recoat if desired in 6 hours. Allow 12-24 hours to fully dry. Glazed surfaces are highly durable and generally do not require a topcoat sealant.


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