alcohol ink art

5 Things That Make Alcohol Ink Art So Versatile

Alcohol Ink Painting is created by using dye-based inks in vibrant colours that blend in abstract bursts or can create depictive images of the natural world as if you were looking through a stained-glass window. This free-flowing trend is gaining popularity for its variety of techniques and impressionistic designs. Enthusiasts can’t help but be fascinated by the flexibility of the art and the materials it can be used on.

So, why is alcohol ink so versatile? Here are 5 things to know about this fluid art:

1.     A Diverse Range of Surfaces Can Be Used

Paper, Glass, jewellery, metals, clay, and even some wooden materials are great surfaces to use. Any non-absorbent surface is best for this type of fluid painting as this allows the ink to move freely over your canvas. Each surface will give you a different tone when you use alcohol inks. Experiment with different styles to find your personal favourite.

2.     Abstract Art

The most convenient part of alcohol ink painting is its versatilityand abstract expression. When using certain surfaces, the inks are quite forgiving, which means that part of the beauty is the mistakes you’ve made. Keep in mind, many masterpieces gained recognition even with imperfections or mistakes. However, the advantage of fluid art is just that, it’s fluid. Mistakes can be blended, or certain techniques can be used to cover it up.

3.     It allows for different types of techniques

Not only are there different techniques but there are a range of applicators for alcohol ink paints too. Think brushes, markers, droppers, stamps, spray bottles and sponges. Even magic erasers, a household cleaning tool, has been found to be a versatile tool for fluid painting. The techniques include rubbing alcohol, which is used to reactivate dried alcohol inks, thin out or add texture. There are also blending solutions used to allow inks to mix with each other without strict lines, creating an ombre effect. Air brushes are also used when creating a blown-style technique on non-absorbent surfaces. This technique can create an effective look with flowers or grass etc. 

4.     It Comes in a Range of Finishes

Fluid inks come in a range of finishes to suit your creative flair. Finding the right finish to suit your style is an individual choice resulting in creative expression. Choosing the right brand adds to this decision as each ink is made up of a unique ratio of dye and solution to create a specific finish. It’s a personal decision and style and preference matter. Octopus Fluids Alcohol Inks, for example, are a new and versatile range of fluid ink products that provide a range of finishes. Their opaque, transparent, and metallic finishes allow for beautiful effects, creating exciting discoveries through your art that are fascinating and impressive. Octopus Fluids Alcohol Inks have a luminous intensity. Their extremely well-balanced inter-colour bleeding infuses your fluid art with expressive force and their specially developed blending solution allows you to achieve enhanced colour nuances and effects.

5.     It Refines Your Skills in Blending Colours

Initially, blending alcohol ink can be challenging. It requires methods for blending and layering until you get the result you want. By using a blending solution or rubbing alcohol, it will dilute the ink, spreading it to create a lighter and thinner effect. Refining your skills in blending will result in a more cohesive finish to your artworks. Learning how to create layers or a glazing effect, or even how to blend harsh lines will take time and patience. Practice using a brush to lead and blend the ink and fine tune it with alcohol ink-coloured markers, a blending pen or a blending solution to get the desired results.

In the pictures is a beautiful alcohol ink artwork created by Sally Tame a very talented Alcohol Ink Artist.