Epoxy Resin Art & Craft Supplies. Epoxy resins come in 2 parts epoxy and the hardener, the two mixed together in correct ratios and cured over a period of time at specific temperature form a hard material. The fluidity of resin makes it possible to mold into different art decor pieces using silicone molds. Epoxy resin is also used to add a gloss coat on art projects. 

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Types of Resin

Resin is of different types and each has its own properties. There are many uses for resin, it can be formed and molded into any structure or shape, it can be utilized as an epoxy, and can be camouflaged and blended as the substance it is adhering to or working in conjunction with. Some commonly used resins are UV Resin, Polyurethane Resin, Epoxy Resin, and Polyester Resin. Most resins are made up of two components, being the hardener (catalyst) and the base resin.

UV resin is made up of only one component. UV resin sets very quickly, as it only requires exposure to UV light to activate the chemical reaction to that allows the resin to set. The main advantage of UV resin is that it allows for a lot of time to work with it and sets only when exposed to UV light, also there is no mixing required. 

Epoxy Resin is the most widely used resin due to its verstality and uses. Epoxy resin is very durable and quite inexpensive. Casting Resin is a type of epoxy resin with very low viscocity. It is useful epoxy resin and thin consistency of the resin does not affect the drying time. Casting resin can be used to effectively coat an item and provide protective finish. 

Polyurethane Resin is used for casting molds and creating different products. This resin has quicker drying time, sets quickly and is heat resistant when cured.

Polyester Resin is very affordable and mostly used to make models. It is water resistant. With polyester resin the drying time depends on the amount of hardener used when combining the resin. 

The type of resin you use depends on the project you have. We have in stock at Homes N Living Craft Smart Epoxy Resin and Casting Resin by Couture Creations. 




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