We are Authorised Distributor for Octopus Fluids Alcohol Inks in Australia & New Zealand

Octopus Fluids™ Acohol Inks from Germany are a number one best seller with the range of colours that they offer and the results that are achieved with this brand is particularly powerful. Your artistic, creative results will be even more impressive thanks to the Fluids™ Alcohol Inks. The inks merge in an excellent interplay and then again form border areas, which makes painting with alcohol inks so fascinating. The artistic possibilities of Alcohol Ink techniques are numerous. With the right colours, your voyage of discovery will be exciting, varied and passionate at the same time.

Homes N Living is an authorised distributor for Octopus Fluids in Australia and New Zealand. 

We currently have in stock, 

Standard Fluid Alcohol Inks 30ml (37 colour shades)

Alcohol Ink Opaque Colours 30ml (13 colour shades)

Resin Inks 30ml (35 colour shades)

Writing Inks 30ml (28 colour shades)


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