Flame in a can

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Designer flame in a can Citronella /¬†unscented - brown bark. Candle in a can. 8.5 x 11cm, 6 to 7 hours of burn time 

Flame in a can is an alternative to outdoor candles, torches and ethanol burners, lanterns and electric lights. Just open the lid, light the wick and enjoy up to 6 hours of bright wind resistant flame that adds a magical ambiance to any outdoor and keeps the mosquitoes away. 

•Flame in a can is completely self contained and so there is no risk of spilling fuel as there is no need to pour it into anything - it is completely self contained. A candle in a can if you like. Just open it, light the wick and put it in the fire-pot. Even if some does spill it cannot catch fire or explode....ever.

• The fuel is non flammable (!) and non explosive and so it can only ever burn on the wick. In fact, it is so safe that we can send it by Australia Post or even take it on an airplane.

•It is totally weather resistant so you can leave them out in the garden year-round. Just remove the lid when you want to use it and replace the lid to put out the flame and then you can leave it in the garden ready for the next use.

‚Ä¢ Once lit you will notice that it gives a bold, orange flame that looks fabulous at night. There is no black smoke and no nasty fuel smell. It will not blow out in the wind (blow on it to show) and will burn for 6-8 hours per can. Dimensions of the can are 8.5 X 11cm 

•One safety feature is that the flame is not an extremely hot flame. If you hover your hand in the flame it is not very hot either. This ensures safety around children who are often tempted to touch a flame.

Unfortunately, we can no longer source flame in a can Citronella. We can only offer flame in a can unscented.

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